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SID & VAIN purse JAN genuine leather wallet purse

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Wallet JAN of the in-house brand SID & VAIN

The wallet offers space for ID, bills and coins. Everything has its order and the search finally comes to an end!

100% handmade: Due to clean stitching and excellent workmanship, this completely handmade product is a faithful and versatile companion.


Unique piece made of leather

The patina

Over time, the condition of the high-quality leather of your leather bag changes. This dignified aging process is called patina and is a unique feature of high-quality leather. Patina is created by frequent wear, friction, oxidation, varying temperatures and weathering. Each passing moment is reflected in a permanent mark on the material. Whether it's scratches from city trips, color differences from rainy days, or lighter stains from summer days, you can be sure that your bag will have a unique and individual look that reflects your life.

Leather processing

Conscientious manufacture

For more than 15 years, our
design team from Europe has been cooperating with experienced experts from India.

With over 30 years of experience, they are the best choice for processing our high-quality leathers. Furthermore, we ensure our high quality standards with regular on-site audits. In a close exchange our design ideas are transformed into bags with character
, which have modern, timeless design.