You can enjoy your leather bag for a long time...

Each leather product has specific care needs, depending on the processing, use, age and environmental influences. The search for the right leather care confronts with a wide range of different leather cleaners and leather care products.

Factors such as shine maximization or waterproofing may play a role in the shoe sector, but take a back seat when it comes to caring for leather bags. Here, the focus is on maintaining the appearance of the new product, i.e. providing protection against abrasion, dirt or discoloration, re-lubricating against embrittlement and providing UV protection.

Anyone who owns one of our leather bags will have a loyal companion at their side for many years. The bag needs a portion of care every now and then, so that you don't notice that it goes along through thick and thin and wind and weather are not an issue.

Smooth leather bags appreciate a leather grease treatment every six months to prevent drying, fading, wear and tear, and raindrops, while a mild cleaner removes minor stains. Your dirt-prone suede bag, on the other hand, requires a waterproofing treatment for moisture protection. Your pouch bag is extremely dirty? Hand wash or machine wash it with a special leather wash concentrate. In general - clean any leather thoroughly, but not too wet, before applying care products.

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How to care for bags made of smooth leather:

Leather grease

It makes the leather water-repellent and is strongly re-fatting. Leather grease protects and cares at the same time - for bags that are often taken for a walk in the rain.

Leather Balm

Behind this nourishing and soothing term is care based on resin and wax, for example beeswax. Covered smooth leather is coated, the pores are closed and the leather becomes extremely water repellent. Very useful for a robust leather bag used outdoors.

Care milk

Care milk is a light-bodied, moisturizing emulsion of fats or oils and water. A good care milk has a UV filter against fading and antioxidants that stop the deterioration of the material. Anti-squeak additives reduce annoying noises that can occur when carrying or closing leather briefcases.

Care cream

It is firmer than care milk due to stabilizers, but it is still like an emulsion. Nourishing cream penetrates less deeply into the structure of the leather, but protects its surface longer.

And a few more SOS tips for leather

... For brittle leather or when only the washing machine helps

If the bag is an old heirloom and the leather is already brittle, that's no reason to part with it. So-called liquid leather can be used to treat the roughest breaks or scratches. But use carefully and do not soak the leather. If color is damaged, a leather freshener is the remedy of choice. Then the leather should be sealed and regularly maintained.

If a bag, whether made of smooth leather or suede is extremely dirty, there are special leather fine washing agents with which you can wash the bag as a hand wash or in the washing machine. The important thing is to let it dry well and then treat the bag to regrease it.

Does your dark leather bag have color damage?

Leather fresheners even out without rubbing off on your clothing, refreshing the original tone even if it's worn or scuffed - and resealing the surface. Aniline cream, on the other hand, prevents water or oil stains in advance - and is also suitable for open genuine leathers that tend to stain from moisture.

Problems like high-gloss and patent leather: Here, every scratch is immediately visible. No rule without exception - the home remedy furniture polish (please without solvent!) may be used with the allowance of renowned leather manufacturers - but please do the test in a concealed place. You can apply a high-gloss sealant on existing scratches, let it dry and polish it out - this will even out minor abrasions.

We cannot basically recommend home remedies such as banana peels or body milk. Not for leather bags.