Back in 2010 Sid and Oliver were studying together at Stanford University. The two were trying to find the perfect college bag: A bag that could hold not only their textbooks, but also their laptops. Since their search yielded no results, two students decided to start their own brand of bags. They wondered how to create a bag that was not only practical, but also fashionable and of sustainable quality. This was the birth of the SID & VAIN brand. Back in Europe, Oliver and Sid started searching for materials: they found new types of natural materials, because it was important to them not to use plastic or PU. With these materials and a thoughtful design process they started and still produce SID & VAIN bags according to their concept. Bags that feature a perfect combination of the popular college style with casual functionality and modern thinking.

We design our bags to hold all your important documents and books, as well as your modern gadgets - like your laptop or iPad with its cables. So you'll be ready for your day at the university or at work.

Our top priority is sustainability. At SID & VAIN, we manufacture our products to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and we value fair trade. Have you ever wondered where the products you buy come from? Especially on the internet it is often hard to find out who the manufacturer of certain products is and many third party suppliers have their leather bags manufactured under poor conditions. Our fair leather bags are all made of naturally tanned leather. When it comes to materials and processing technologies, we place great emphasis on high quality and durability. With this in mind, we have found perfect leather for our SID & VAIN bags.

The roots of SID & VAIN take place in Switzerland, where we design our bags, and in Munich, where our close partner myBagFactory is located. These two environments inspire the brand: on the one hand the beautiful Swiss Alps with their crystal clear alpine lakes, on the other hand the urban lifestyle of the Bavarian metropolis Munich. So SID & VAIN stands as much for the urge to get outside and explore nature as it does for conquering an adventurous and modern city.

What started as a small idea on the campus of Stanford has established itself as a family business. Today, our brand is available worldwide thanks to the SID & VAIN online store. Here we offer our high-quality products, from business and casual bags to weekenders and backpacks. If you are looking for a bag that is not only functional and practical, but also cool and fashionable, visit our new store!